Make predictions using scientific knowledge and understanding.

Interpret observations and data, including identifying patterns and using observations, measurements and data to draw conclusions.

Use and derive simple equations and carry out appropriate calculations.

Develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.


Most common topics covered
Energy Motion and forces Wave motion Electricity and electromagnetism The structure of matter Space physics


Most common topics covered
Particulate nature of matter Structure, bonding and the properties of matter Atoms, elements and compounds Pure and impure substances Energetics Atomic structure Periodic Table Chemical reactions Chemical changes Energy changes in chemistry Rate and extent of chemical change Chemical analysis Chemical and allied industries Materials Earth and atmospheric science


Most common topics covered
Structure and function of living organisms Cell biology Material cycles and energy Interactions and interdependencies Genetics and evolution Evolution, inheritance and variation Transport systems Health, disease and the development of medicines Coordination and control Photosynthesis Ecosystems