Applecore Education requires its tutors to have a proven, solid academic background and a checkable work history. In addition, we assess our tutors on their ability to:

You can choose from the following tuition formats :
Generate curiosity within the student in order to facilitate successful learning Create an environment in which trying and achieving are both essential elements of the learning process for the student Reflect on their methods and improve how they facilitate learning and tailor learning to the needs of each individual student

The tutors we introduce represent an immensely valuable resource. All are bright, young, confident and highly qualified – most with a degree or postgraduate degree in their subject. Several are teachers or specialists in their field. Above all they have the ability to teach in a way that is inspiring and creative and adapts to the needs of each individual child. The fact that they have recently felt the pressures of their own exams gives them the humility and empathy that is so often missing with school masters who have been entrenched in their positions for many years.

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Become a Tutor for Applecore

Applecore Education’s tutors deliver one-to-one tuition to ensure that students’ learning outcomes are met regardless of the level they are studying at. We are able to do this because of the academic ability and the high-calibre tuition skills that our tutors possess.

We pride ourselves on enabling our students to achieve excellent results through developing their capacities, not through simply churning out rote learning. At Applecore Education we aim to promote the enjoyment of learning for its own sake, learning achieved in stimulating lessons led by high-calibre teaching staff who pay close attention to developing each pupil’s potential.

If you feel you have the qualities necessary to tutor for Applecore Education please forward your CV and an approximately 200 word profile detailing why you would like to become a tutor and the subjects and levels you would like to teach.

Please send to info@applecoreeducation.co.uk.

Having looked at your profile we will then be happy to discuss your application further.