About Us

Why Choose Us?

At Applecore Education we provide professional tutoring services with excellence in the core subjects of Maths, Science, English and other subjects upon request. You can choose from evenings, weekends and holiday classes.

Tuition is bespoke. In some cases for a short period of time and in other cases they could be required for a longer term. We try our best to ensure that our tuition meets the needs and circumstances of our students and parents with our flexible approach.

Every lesson is taught by the best tutors and conducted in an engaging manner to keep students involved. Our effective teaching methods are delivered to ensure students achieve their highest potential.

Our Mission

Our aim at Applecore Education is to enable each student to fulfil their academic potential and reach their objectives. We aim to build the self-confidence of our students so that they not only get a great education, but their experience with us will change their life.

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